You Have a Client, Now What? Lots of start-up service businesses fail to think about how they will charge their customers until they actually have one. Then the awkward conversation starts: “so how much is this going to cost me?” your clients asks. And you aren’t quite sure. You want to charge enough to make a decent profit but not so much that your customer runs away from the deal. It’s hard to figure this out, especially on the fly. Don’t say something you will…Continue Reading “Should You Bill by the Project or by the Hour?”

Targeting your message

We’re All Distracted View image | Since the dawn of the commercial internet, and even more so since the explosion of social media, our attention spans have been getting shorter and shorter. So much so that the SAP blog recently reported that we now pay attention for less time than your average goldfish! It’s easy to see this at work in the real world: our heads are always gazing down at our phones, jobs and family keeping us busier than ever and everyone getting…Continue Reading “Marketing: Is Anyone Getting Your Message?”