Here’s what I’m reading this week, and I think you should too. B2B Marketing What the Engagement Crisis Means for Social Media Marketing Agencies Focus on what really matters. What Every Enterprise Marketing Team Can Learn from Surfers Stay flexible! Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition underscores potential in enterprise social media Is it really going to work, or will we be reading about a $26.2 billion failure in a few years? Small Business SEO Tips: How Mention Increased Search Traffic 373% in 6 Weeks Want to learn the…Continue Reading “What’s New in Marketing, July 5, 2016”

I had the opportunity to attend my first #fundchat Twitter discussion recently and really enjoyed it. This particular discussion was about use of direct mail for fundraising but they cover a wide variety of topics. The discussion is mainly intended for nonprofit professionals to share their insights with each other and learn but anyone in the field would gain from participating. Great stuff! Need outside assistant with marketing planning or content creation? Let’s schedule a free consultation. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very…Continue Reading “#Fundchat Twitter Chat for Non-Profit Fundraisers”

I was quite impressed by this page full of helpful non-profit fundraising articles and other resources I found via the Michigan State University library recently. The author (or authors) covers everything from reasons why your grant application may have been turned down to the use of social media for non-profit fund raising. In addition to the links covered above, I would add the following: Non-Profit Fundraising, What’s Working in Digital, recent article at Mashable. Yes it’s an infographic but this one actually contains few useful…Continue Reading “Non-Profit Fundraising Resources”