Creating a marketing program that integrates social media is easier than you think. There IS a standard framework that can be applied to help ensure your efforts go smoothly. By following the steps below, you can build a marketing program that is complete and matches the needs of your organization. 1.       Figure out what “success” looks like for your organization. Every organization will have different goals when it comes to social media. What is most important for yours – is it a flow of new…Continue Reading “A Simple Framework for Starting Your Social Media Efforts”

An article I recently found via Wired Impact (an online design and marketing firm in St. Louis) covers the basics of using your GA data to help determine if a mobile website of some kind would help improve your customer experience. Taking a look at some of the included data including differential in page views and bounce rate for mobile vs non-mobile traffic, the percentage of mobile traffic you are getting on average, trends over time, and so on can really help in this regard….Continue Reading “Using Google Analytics to See If You Need a Mobile Website”

I wonder if I can bother my potential employer to update my status for me while they’re snooping around my account. In all seriousness, anyone participating in social media should expect companies to examine all available public sources of information when making a hiring decision. Asking directly for someone’s password or looking over their shoulder as they are asked to click through their profile seems a bit over the top. It does depend on the security level or other factors relating to the individual position, as in this story’s mention of the Maryland Department of Corrections.

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Can You Walk Away When Your Site is Finished? I was examining an invoice from a great website design firm I have had the privilege of working with here in Wisconsin and noticed the payment terms at the bottom. A certain portion due up front and then the remainder at “completion.” And that’s when it hit me that too many companies still think of their own website projects as having an end — a completed state. When they do, often the decision is made to…Continue Reading “When is a Website “Done?””

Google+ has been getting a lot of TV and other ad promotion recently from Google, as they try to push yet another social service on us. Their tactics have included almost entirely forcing brands and celebrities to join by integrating and prominently displaying the results on Google SERPS as well with their “Search Plus Your World” initiative.

However, even with all this attention and money being thrown at the problem, there’s one big problem: nobody is really using Google+.

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