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Chip Card, or Watching Paint Dry? By most accounts, the switch to EMV, or “chip” credit cards here in the US hasn’t worked out so well. Right now the roll-out is uneven at best. I make at least half a dozen payments a day with my credit and debit cards and the experience is pretty random. Will I insert the card into the reader, or slide it? Will there be a crumpled, hand-written note on the card machine that tells me what to do, or…Continue Reading “Will EMV Slowness Make Apple Pay More Appealing?”

iCloud for Windows Control Panel

It’s Possible to Sync Between Byword on iOS and Your Favorite Windows Markdown Editor I’m way late to the game, but I just started to create my blog posts with Markdown instead of plain text or directly in WordPress (what’s Markdown?). Working with Markdown is great, frankly. My main problem was to come up with a workflow that… worked. I Want Simple, Not Complex I want to be able to create my posts on my iPhone and my Windows PC and have the files completely in…Continue Reading “How to Create a Blogging Workflow from Byword to Windows and Back”

Attention to detail sometimes makes all the difference, whether you are designing the next great mobile phone or laptop, or putting together a new email and landing page for an online marketing campaign. Regardless, one must pay attention to all facets including presentation, ease of use and the overall customer experience. Let’s look at some illustrative examples: Consider the design of the laptop power adapter above. A generic PC experience that is familiar and comfortable – everyone has seen and knows how to use one…Continue Reading “Elegance Counts – in Marketing As Well As Product Design”

Use of Internet Explorer 8 has been falling in most quarters pretty quickly quarter over quarter as users decide to move on to more modern and robust browsers (or update their OS and no longer have IE 8 available). Unfortunately, one group of users are laggards as might be expected – those on corporate PCs. Enterprise users, especially those in organizations that employ custom developed software or are subject to security or other standards that make the upgrade process slower, are going to be stuck…Continue Reading “Declining Support for Internet Explorer 8 Spells Trouble for Enterprise Users”

I had the opportunity to attend my first #fundchat Twitter discussion recently and really enjoyed it. This particular discussion was about use of direct mail for fundraising but they cover a wide variety of topics. The discussion is mainly intended for nonprofit professionals to share their insights with each other and learn but anyone in the field would gain from participating. Great stuff! Need outside assistant with marketing planning or content creation? Let’s schedule a free consultation. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very…Continue Reading “#Fundchat Twitter Chat for Non-Profit Fundraisers”

CBR has some additional coverage of the ongoing flap over potential employers requesting Facebook passwords, including feedback from Facebook’s chief privacy officer. Facebook asserts that this violates the expectation of user security and warns that those contacting the site for such information may be exposing themselves to “unanticipated legal liability.” This is similar to the point I was trying to make in my earlier thoughts on the subject. Asking for this kind of information must be so tempting to HR personnel who are under incredible…Continue Reading “Facebook Not Happy About Employers Asking for Passwords”

I wonder if I can bother my potential employer to update my status for me while they’re snooping around my account. In all seriousness, anyone participating in social media should expect companies to examine all available public sources of information when making a hiring decision. Asking directly for someone’s password or looking over their shoulder as they are asked to click through their profile seems a bit over the top. It does depend on the security level or other factors relating to the individual position, as in this story’s mention of the Maryland Department of Corrections.

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