Declare Your Social Media Independence this July 4th

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“You have to do this, you have to do that… you MUST follow these seven rules or your social media strategy will fail!”

The truth is, a winning social media strategy can be different for every individual and every business. There is no “one size fits all” solution except for the common thread that all paths to success include investments of time, effort, planning and measurement. Even the very definition of what “success” is changes from company to company.

Declare your independence from online hucksters and the “get rich quick online!!” type schemes that seem to be on every other website these days. Make your own plan based on your organization’s needs, your available time investment and your skillset. Go out there and execute, see what your results are, and adjust if necessary. Want to only concentrate on Twitter? If it works for you to do so, fine. Want to engage only with email and Facebook? No problem! Is Instagram the avenue that you believe will work best for reaching your customers and prospects? Great.

Just be prepared to constantly adjust based on the results you are seeing, and don’t get tied down if your strategy doesn’t work after all. Be flexible and concentrate on building relationships, and you’ll do fine. You might find you were right all along, in which case congratulations – keep doing it! If not, then reassess and look at your options.

Create your own path to online success – get out there and be social!

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