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I was quite impressed by this page full of helpful non-profit fundraising articles and other resources I found via the Michigan State University library recently. The author (or authors) covers everything from reasons why your grant application may have been turned down to the use of social media for non-profit fund raising.

In addition to the links covered above, I would add the following:

  • Non-Profit Fundraising, What’s Working in Digital, recent article at Mashable. Yes it’s an infographic but this one actually contains few useful tidbits. Hint: don’t count on email blasts to bring in all your funds.
  • Speaking of email, this short post on planning a non-profit event comes from well-known provider Constant Contact. Get the basics down before you dive in to the churning waters.
  • Spring 2012 Nonprofit Fundraising Study from the Urban Institute. Always good to see how things are going overall and in your particular niche for general  performance benchmarking.

Don’t forget the number one rule of fundraising: you actually have to ask. If your board members are hesitant to make ask calls or visits, get them training, scripts, contact lists and whatever else they could possibly need. If they still have issues, you may need to recruit some additional board members.

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