These Users Drive 80% of Your Business on Twitter

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Twitter, what used to be a simple microblogging website, is now a full-fledged business marketing tool. For B2B (business to business) marketers, the possibilities of using the social platform are endless. The company’s 2013 study revealed that 59% of its users access B2B tech brands, as opposed to the average Internet users (only 40%). Indeed, this illustrates the kind of strong audience that Twitter has. In fact, there are more than 2.6 billion registered Twitter users. To ensure your business is catering the right audience, we’ll list down five users that drive success to your brand on Twitter.

1. The Networker

Forbes Contributor Steve Faktor refers to the Networker as “the most ambitious, optimistic, and delusional Twitterer.” They believe investing too much time on the platform advances their career, and following certain users may be instrumental in this aspect. They often rack up all tweets, reciprocate followers, and retweet their posts. In boosting your business, having these users in your circle allows you to manage existing influence. Faktor said these users are using the page to find clients and reaching out to them, with the help of tools such as Hootsuite to control their feed.

2. “Introducer-Retweeter”

As you gain these followers, they’ll be relaying your business account by retweeting your updates to their friends and new contacts, through to the new “Cards” option. Let’s Get Wise tweeted (@letsgetwise) an article from, revealing the Cards feature makes retweeting less awful, thus making your tweets more accessible for a wider audience. They’re a great community to target, especially that they’re good at publicly complimenting brands. Often, they start their post with a period (.) to inform their followers if they’re praising certain brands.

3.   The Aggregators

The Aggregators, or the “super sharers,” are considered as the curators of popular content. They are also the most retweeted users, making them a good destination for news and entertainment. In fact, social media guru Ask Aaron Lee said these users even compete with the attention from legitimate news outlets such as Yahoo! and Huffington Post. It’s beneficial to interact with these users, especially in promoting your new products and services.

  1. The Butterfly

Social Media Today’s Mintel Dial said the Butterflies are considered as gems on Twitter, saying “there just aren’t that many of them.” The Butterfly follows a lot of users, but they have a higher number of followers, making them exemplary for retweeting purposes. Dial said these users probably have Twitter as their only social channel, ditching other social networks. But this is where the good thing about them lies. Having only one account, Butterflies are able to focus their attention on communicating with all types of users in a span of one day. They are highly sociable and engaged, and does the job of redistributing good content.

  1. Gurus

A good feature of Twitter is that it allows its users to connect with field experts and gurus across the globe. These gurus are smart, focused, and are always on the go to think of creative ways to include their judgement and share information. Targeting them would be beneficial for branding, as their suggestions and recommendations are highly trusted by consumers. Their typical tweets consists of key takeaways from the latest developments and events, including their insights on a particular issue.

On top of all, having these users in your Twitter community allows you to determine your clients’ mindset and expectations. To quote a previous blog post, “manufacturers want to achieve perfection,” and following these users serves the best of your intentions, while ensuring customer satisfaction.



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