When is a Website “Done?”

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Can You Walk Away When Your Site is Finished?

I was examining an invoice from a great website design firm I have had the privilege of working with here in Wisconsin and noticed the payment terms at the bottom. A certain portion due up front and then the remainder at “completion.”

And that’s when it hit me that too many companies still think of their own website projects as having an end — a completed state. When they do, often the decision is made to walk away and move on to something else. Big mistake.

Your Website is a Living Entity

The reality is that your website is never really “done” as long as your organization still exists and operates. Don’t get trapped in the mindset that such projects have a fixed end. Your web presence in all forms must always be reexamined, refined, added to and improved — or you’ll end up behind.

Keep on adding content, testing, developing new services and experiences for your customers, like mobile capabilities. Keep integrating with new outside marketing tools like social. Keep on working. Your web marketing presence is a living, breathing thing that must keep evolving or die.

Of course, my website design firm wasn’t thinking of this concept when they mentioned “completion” on their invoice. Obviously, there comes a point when they have to consider a certain phase of their work complete and move on (and get paid for their services!).

Just don’t ever let yourself get trapped into that mode of thinking when it comes to your online marketing efforts.

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