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And the Oscar for “best forced apology by a CEO” goes to… United Airlines and Oscar Munoz!

I continue to be shocked by the poor response of United Airlines to the plight of Dr. David Dao, who was forcibly removed and injured by a Chicago “aviation security” officer because he refused to leave the plane.

Let’s look at United Airlines’ response timeline:

Before the incident-

  1. Instead of offering more money than they originally had to find passengers willing to be bumped from the airline so its employees could travel on the full flight, the airline decided to force four random passengers to deplane.
  2. While two passengers did leave the plan after being the “lucky” chosen ones, Dr. Dao refused to leave his seat and proceeded to call his attorney.
  3. Aviation security officers were brought onto the plane to confront Dr. Dao, he was dragged off of the plane and, while being pulled out of his seat, his head was slammed against the armrest of the aisle seat opposite where he was sitting.
  4. Dr. Dao returned to the plane, which was then emptied of passengers, and he was carried off on a stretcher.

After the incident:

United Airlines’ CEO made a first statement:

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