End the Unhappy Marriage of Health Insurance and Employment

And neither should any other critical benefit. A sane alternative to the shotgun marriage of employer-based insurance. Our continued dependence on employers for vital services such as health insurance limit individual initiative and hold our economy back. Far from being “fringe” benefits, almost everyone will have a need for the protection that basic insurance coverage provides at one time or another. The Current Benefits Structure Is Past Its Prime. The joining of health insurance to employment is an unfortunate side effect of World War 2 salary and price…Continue Reading “Health Insurance Should NOT Come From Your Employer”

Don't take so long to get to the point

How Fast Can You Get Your Message Across? View image | gettyimages.com One thing I see political candidates struggle with time and time again is brevity. A pretty high percentage of people who want to run for office come from backgrounds where they have been allowed or expected to make lengthy speeches or present research and findings. Attorneys, educators, business leaders and the like. In other words, they are used to being long-winded, or in situations where they had a captive audience. Unfortunately, once you…Continue Reading “Political Communications: Get to the Point!”


View image | gettyimages.com Discrimination has a real cost. Not just an emotional impact on those who are affected (or even those who support the discrimination), but a real, tangible financial impact. Even worse, RFRA “religious freedom” laws like the one recently passed (and then pulled back) in Indiana create a drag on the entire economy of the state. For Indiana, the backlash has been fierce with admonitions from Tim Cook of Apple, several states banning official travel to the state, college and sports associations speaking up, and an…Continue Reading “Indiana, Arkansas and the Financial Cost of Discrimination”

Can You Walk Away When Your Site is Finished? I was examining an invoice from a great website design firm I have had the privilege of working with here in Wisconsin and noticed the payment terms at the bottom. A certain portion due up front and then the remainder at “completion.” And that’s when it hit me that too many companies still think of their own website projects as having an end — a completed state. When they do, often the decision is made to…Continue Reading “When is a Website “Done?””