End the Unhappy Marriage of Health Insurance and Employment

And neither should any other critical benefit. A sane alternative to the shotgun marriage of employer-based insurance. Our continued dependence on employers for vital services such as health insurance limit individual initiative and hold our economy back. Far from being “fringe” benefits, almost everyone will have a need for the protection that basic insurance coverage provides at one time or another. The Current Benefits Structure Is Past Its Prime. The joining of health insurance to employment is an unfortunate side effect of World War 2 salary and price…Continue Reading “Health Insurance Should NOT Come From Your Employer”

Here’s what I’m reading this week, and I think you should too. B2B Marketing What the Engagement Crisis Means for Social Media Marketing Agencies Focus on what really matters. What Every Enterprise Marketing Team Can Learn from Surfers Stay flexible! Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition underscores potential in enterprise social media Is it really going to work, or will we be reading about a $26.2 billion failure in a few years? Small Business SEO Tips: How Mention Increased Search Traffic 373% in 6 Weeks Want to learn the…Continue Reading “What’s New in Marketing, July 5, 2016”

Political Radar

Northeast Wisconsin’s Political Scene Gets a Lot More Interesting Six years ago, I moved to Green Bay after a 9 year career in politics in the capital of Texas. Compared to Austin, the political environment here was, let’s say, a little dead. I worked on city council, judicial, bond and county-level races in Texas, and they were very well-funded. Heck, over $6 million was spent in the last Austin City Council elections. Here, almost no money is spent on races at the local or county…Continue Reading “Political Radar Brings a Fresh Voice to Green Bay Issues”