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Twenty-three years ago, I spent my days and nights avoiding the drudgery of sitting in my college classes, but becoming educated nonetheless. Sitting in my room on the seventh floor of Willham Hall South at Oklahoma State University, I discovered the commercial web at the dawn of its existence. It just so happened two months into the start of my sophomore year, Netscape was released and the computing world would never be the same.

To be sure, I had already spent thousands of hours in the “online” world, just nothing like what the web brought to the table. Earlier in the 1990s, my room at home filled with virtual visitors from the two bulletin board systems (BBS’s) I ran from a hand-built 286 PC. While most high schoolers were excited to get a separate phone line for chatting with friends, mine was occupied 24/7 by anonymous Okies dialing in to The Slaughterhouse over our 9600bps modem.

By 1994, I was ensconced at OSU and we had what was considered “high-speed” internet access at the time. I can’t remember what the performance was, but it was certainly much better than anything available at home. Having given up on the Windows PC by this point, I helped three fellow dorm residents find used Macs – all compact black and white models, all we could afford – and get connected to the school network.

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iCloud for Windows Control Panel

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Use of Internet Explorer 8 has been falling in most quarters pretty quickly quarter over quarter as users decide to move on to more modern and robust browsers (or update their OS and no longer have IE 8 available). Unfortunately, one group of users are laggards as might be expected – those on corporate PCs. Enterprise users, especially those in organizations that employ custom developed software or are subject to security or other standards that make the upgrade process slower, are going to be stuck…Continue Reading “Declining Support for Internet Explorer 8 Spells Trouble for Enterprise Users”