Marcus is extremely well versed in and understands the corporate market at every level. His wealth of knowledge and experience is exceptional and he is a consistent pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.

He takes on new projects with great enthusiasm and delivers.

Unquestionably a great addition to our Marketing Department.

He constantly sought out ways to improve our company’s online identity and greatly expanded online lead generation.

There are few people who can very quickly understand an issue, or a job, or a problem, or a person, then, take that information and bring back a creative solution that addresses the issue, job, problem or person.

Marcus is one of those people and it make him a JOY to work with. When Marcus has worked with me, I never worried about running up against deadlines or quality of work at all because he got the job done.

Marcus Sanford is one hell of a media professional…he knows how to get the project done on time, under budget, and so that the resulting effort does what needs to be done.

Marcus is very focused, a sharp strategist, with impressive writing skills.

Marcus is easy to work with, listens well, and produces quality work.

[Marcus] can work very quickly and is also flexible in making revisions to make it perfect from a client’s perspective. He is very reliable – a quality sometimes hard to find with creative folks.

Working with Marcus was a treat. I liked the way he worked with everyone on the team to determine purpose and message and then implemented it with the necessary cunning creativity.